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Sprinkles Cupcakes–and a new baking toy

8 Mar

Ever since I became interested in cake decorating–and even more so since I became interested in baking–I’ve wanted to visit the world-famous Sprinkles cupcake shop. Because I’d heard so much about the quality of its recipes and about how it revolutionized the whole bakery scene, I was excited to finally have the opportunity to go see it myself yesterday. My friend Allie joined me as I headed down to the nearest Sprinkles store, in Chicago.

I did my research ahead of time, so by the time we got there, I knew almost exactly what I wanted to order. I went straight for the dark chocolate and banana and the St. Patrick’s Day-themed chocolate and Irish cream. I waffled over the other dark chocolate one, tempted by its glossy sprinkles, but then exercised a little self-control and settled for the two. And it’s a good thing, because they offered more than enough sweetness for one afternoon!

The banana-chocolate one was perfect. I could taste the high-quality ingredients in the frosting, and the banana cake was to die for. I’m a sucker for all banana cake, really, but this was particularly good. And honestly, what flavor combo is better than chocolate and banana? None. (Okay, unless you throw peanut butter into the mix. But that’s the only thing that could top it.)

The Irish cream cupcake was delicious, too, but not entirely what I’d hoped for. Although I could sense the Irish cream flavor slightly during my first bite, it was less and less present the more I ate. Halfway through, I felt like I was eating a regular chocolate cupcake with regular vanilla frosting. This may be partly because I’m not a huge fan of vanilla and can’t distinguish that well among varieties of it, but I do think they could’ve amped up the Irish cream flavor. After all, isn’t that kind of the point of this cupcake?

I will say that I loved that little clover on top. I don’t necessarily love the whole Sprinkles aesthetic all the time, but as decorations go, this one was simple and sweet and had the perfect effect.

As yummy as our cupcake adventure was, it wasn’t the highlight of my day. That came later, when the most amazing thing happened: I stumbled upon the exact novelty baking accessory I’d been hunting down for weeks!

Have you seen these?

They’re fully-functioning, accurate measuring cups that double as a set of Russian nesting dolls.

Unless you know me, it’s hard to understand how perfect these are for me; suffice it to say I collected nesting dolls when I was young and they’ll always have a spot in my heart. So when I learned that these existed, I knew I had to have them. By that time, though, they were sold out at the boutique where I’d first seen them, so I thought I’d have to get them online. Luckily, they fell right into my lap instead.

I can’t wait to try them out! Stay tuned to see how I put ’em to use….

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